Wax Melt Price Increase

Wax Melt Price Increase

As many of you will know we have hugely upped our Wax Melt making game in the last 2 years.

We have made and tested more melts than I can possibly count, we tried many suppliers until we found what we feel, is the best quality oils and wax. We only use the best ingredients in our melts and I know that this is why we have so many customers returning to stock up on our beautiful melts. We are not the cheapest nor the most expensive of makers but you can be 100% confident that when you buy from us you are buying high quality, highly scented, handmade luxury wax melts at a great price.

Over the last year we have changed our recipe and perfected our skills and this has come at an increased cost in supplies which, as a small business we can’t swallow up. With this being said it means that we have had to increase the cost of our melts in order for us to continue our making and the progression of our small business. Lots has changed over the last two years from our original price point especially the quality and scent throw, so we feel it is now the right time to charge their worth!

If you buy from our shop in Wells, Somerset you will be offered our NEW Wax Melt Loyalty Card so the more you buy the more you save. We will be looking at a similar system for online buyers too (once we figure out how to do it, i’m not good with the tech things).

We have just set up our Wax Melt Facebook group too for our customers to see new releases first, enter giveaways and get exclusive discounts on melts.

We hope that you continue to purchase our amazing melts and support our small business.

Much Love


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